Symptoms of Gestational Diabetes

Diabetes that occurs in pregnant women is known as Gestational Diabetes. Gestational diabetes ends with delivery. The disease is not harmful for the mother but might prove dangerous for the baby.It is important for all pregnant women to get themselves tested for gestational diabetes during the second trimester since its symptoms are not obvious in all cases.
However, some very common signs of gestational diabetes are excessive thirst, urination and a rapid increase in weight. Pregnant mothers who have had gestational diabetes during previous pregnancies are also susceptible to gestational diabetes in all the following pregnancies. Mothers-to-be who have high blood pressure or urinary tract infection are also at risk of developing gestational diabetes.

Increase in appetite is also an indication of gestational diabetes. But there are a few women who also lose weight because of it. During diabetes the level of insulin in the blood rises sharply. This results in the body making and circulating more insulin.

Increase in the level of insulin stimulates the appetite leading to growing hunger pangs. The level of glucose in the blood goes up if the cells do not use the extra insulin. To provide the cells with energy the body breaks down the fat stores. This makes the body lose weight and causes the body to become tired and lethargic.

Pregnant women normally experience increase in the frequency of urination. This is because of the pressure applied on the bladder by the expanding tummy. During gestational diabetes pregnant women experience increase in thirst as well as urination.

The excessive glucose levels in the blood make the body thirst for liquids in order to concentrate the glucose. There is also fluid loss from the tissues as the body releases these fluids into the bloodstream. As liquid intake increases, excessive amount of urine is passed. This is different from a typical pregnancy where frequent urination in small amount occurs.

Diabetes interferes with the body’s ability to fight infections. As a result pregnant women with diabetes frequently suffer from infections of skin, bladder and vagina. High blood sugar weakens the white blood cells that protect the body from bacterial attacks. Women with gestational diabetes often complain of vaginal infections caused by yeasts. Yeast cells thrive on the glucose present in the urine. Glucose helps them multiply leading to a full- fledged yeast infection.

Anubha Pandey