Symptoms Of Miscarriage

Miscarriages are quite common in the first three months of pregnancy. This is an unfortunate event for a woman. But there are several signs of impending miscarriage and one should be wise enough to understand that.

Miscarriages occur in almost 15% of all pregnancies and they are very common among women who have failed to realize that they are pregnant! Almost 90% of miscarriages occur within the first two months of pregnancy. But it seems many people are not aware about the causes of miscarriage.

The major causes of miscarriage are said to be hormonal imbalance, insulin dependant diabetes, Chlamydia and viruses. You must understand that miscarriages at different points of pregnancy have different signs.

A miscarriage that occurs before 6 weeks of pregnancy is usually associated with bleeding that almost resembles a heavy period. However, if the miscarriage takes place between 6th weeks to the 3rd month then a woman can feel moderate cramping along with heavy bleeding.

You can know whether you had a miscarriage by carefully noting down the signs of pregnancy. It might so happen that the signs were previously present but is now totally absent. You might think that you just had a miscarriage as the signs are not present.

But this theory is not correct. Symptoms like breast tenderness and morning sickness actually go away when you enter the second trimester. If you don’t see these symptoms anymore, it does not mean that there has been a definite miscarriage.

Threatened Miscarriage

Some mothers may have a couple of symptoms of miscarriage but may still deliver the baby ultimately. This is known as threatened miscarriage. This usually happens when the mother experiences some mild cramps and light spotting.

Incomplete Miscarriage

There are many instances when a woman experiences different symptoms of miscarriage but it might happen that some part of the tissue remains in the uterus. This is known as an incomplete miscarriage.

Miscarriages are an isolated and grief-stricken part of a woman’s life. It is very east for a woman to get panicky but it is imperative that she consults her doctor whenever she feels or sees any abnormality in her pregnancy. If the woman is careful enough, then it is possible to avoid a miscarriage.