Take Care of Your Dry Skin during Pregnancy

In your pregnancy days, you might notice that your beautiful skin is turning to become dry and flaky, which you feel like scratching consistently. Particularly, your face will be most affected with the itchy layer of outer skin. This could become a serious cause of depression for you.Being a mother does not mean that you are going to lose your beauty. However, there is nothing to be disappointed about. Dry and flaky skin is another usual symptom of pregnancy, which is related to the hormonal changes during the pregnancy days.

This problem can be solved if you take proper care. Even otherwise, it might go away of its own, when your term of pregnancy is over. To maintain the soft and tenderness of your skin, you should be adequately cautious in these days. Use natural soaps to wash your body, instead of regular soaps. While taking showers, use lukewarm water instead of hot water, as it takes away all the moisture from your skin.

To clean up your face, you should use non-soap cleansing solutions only once in a day. It will be much better, if you can stop using makeup and cosmetics on your skin for the time being. In that case, plain water will be sufficient to rinse and clean your face. Make a regular routine of moisturizing your skin at least twice a day.

You should be very careful to adequately moisturize the belly, thighs and hip portion as these places are mostly susceptible for stretch marks. These stretch marks are often related to the dry and flaky skin. So, if you take care of your dry skin at this stage, you can automatically solve the problem of stretch marks to some extent.

Occasionally you may also apply olive oil or body oil to substitute the lost oil of your dry skin. However, moisturizer or body oil will give you support from the outside. You also need to provide adequate support to your skin from inside.

You should drink plenty of water and other caffeine-free fluids to keep yourself hydrated. In addition to this, you should also ensure to have adequate amount of good fat through your meals.

You might consider using a humidifier for maintaining the standard amount of humidity at your bedroom. Avoid being out during the day time, as excessive sun rays can damage the texture of your skin.