Take Care of Yourself During First Trimester

First trimester of pregnancy is the beginning three months and is very crucial as the baby forms in first three months. All his organs and brain is formed in first three months of your pregnancy and so it becomes very important to take extra care of yourself in this phase.

Everything needs to be taken care off e.g.; the food that you eat, gynecologist visits, blood test, regular check up, daily schedule and so many things. Every step that you take during

first three months of your pregnancy is to be taken care off.Visit a doctor as soon as you get to know that you have conceived. Your doctor will prescribe your some supplements that you must not fail to miss even a single day.

Now that you know that you are going to be a mom in some months you might really not be physically and mentally well. Physical pain is very much natural as it is associated with every pregnancy, but mental disturbance can be caused due to many reasons depending upon person to person.

Sometimes it is the happiness and sometimes it’s the fear, but do not worry you will soon come of it. You have to be very careful about your diet, it is advised that you keep on taking small meals in every two hours. It may be juice, soup, fruits, salad or any other thing.

Do not take a high calorie diet. Morning sickness, feeling of nausea, pains in the body, weakness all these would go after some time if you take proper diet. However your doctor would also keep you on some medicines to fight this.  Do not do any kind of excursion in the first trimester and if you plan to exercise then that would start in second trimester. But you can always go for small walks in the morning.

You will need new clothes after second month as the old ones would start getting tight. You may also need larger bra size for breasts growth that is quite obvious with every woman during her pregnancy. You will see that you are gaining weight but do not let this cover your mind in a negative mind and enjoy your pregnancy as this is the best feeling that only a women can have.