Taking Care of Yourself After Pregnancy

If you have just had a pregnancy, then you must read this. You should definitely make plans to see a healthcare provider after two to six weeks of your pregnancy for post partum checkup. It is always important to take care of yourself and so take an appointment. You must know that after weeks, your body will go through a lot of changes like vaginal discharge, mood swings, bowel movements, repair of stitches and after pains and exercise are normal as well.

You must contact health care in case you have bright red heavy bleeding or large clots. Painful cramps, high fever, pain while you pee, painful lumps in the breast, increasing pain in the episiotomy could be one of the problems that you may suffer from and if you do, call the doctor. Breast care is very important since it gives feeding to the child.

Even if you are bottle feeding your baby, taking care of breast important. It has been seen that post pregnancy, women’s breast gets very hot, swollen and hard when the milk comes in and they are not feeding the baby. Although, it goes down in two or three days but just in case you can try out using ice pack on breast for 20 minutes. Putting the baby to breast, using warm washcloth or calling the doctor are other things that could be tried out.

It may sound very strange to your ears but it is very true that you can get pregnant in just two weeks after giving birth. For the health of your body after pregnancy, it is important that you keep a good gap between the two pregnancies. So a good option would be to use a birth control. Many women wish to lose belly fat after their pregnancy.

You must wait for a month to get back to your normal health and then start your exercise regimen. Do yoga and join gym. This would keep you healthy. Other than that, try to have a health diet and stay away from oily and junk food. Drink loads of water and be hygienic always.