Talking about Sex to Kids

Its one of those ‘I know, you know, but let’s not talk about it’ in most homes, even today, however forward they are otherwise.

Sex, safe sex, unwanted pregnancy, early pregnancy, all these are overly sensitive topics in most homes. Research has proven that the families that discuss sex openly have kids who take their time in having sex and when they do having safe sex. These days thanks to the media and internet half of the job is already done.

Remember that kids hate “the talk” as much as the elders. So please do not plan an intervention sorts with your kids. The traditional method of informing kids needs to be packed away and forgotten. The birds and bees story is good only in reel world and not the real world.

First and foremost, start talking about sex using appropriate terms at an early age. It is best to be frank with them from a young age itself so that discussing the details when you are older won’t be that awkward. It’s always good to maintain an open environment around the house. Let your child know that talking about sexual feelings is not a bad thing.

Do not over react and freak out when your child comes and asks you about sex or condoms or pills. It’ll just embarrass them and prevent them from coming to you for more queries and doubts. They may use some other method for clearing their doubts and it may or may not be the right source. Also, just because you child does not come to you with doubts it does not mean they are ignorant on this topic. So it is good if you initiate the conversation at right moment.

There are chances most adolescent and preteen kids have a basic idea on this topic by discussing with their peers. It’s up to you to figure out how much they know and how much of the facts that they have gathered are actually true and how much is just hearsay myths that may get them into trouble.

Just forbidding them from having sex is not enough. Tell them the pros and cons of unsafe sex and early pregnancy. Also, encourage then to ask you questions and give them honest answers. Once they know that you are very frank and approachable they’ll definitely come to you whenever in doubt.

Meera M.Das