Talking to Your Daughter About Periods

One day they are plaiting their dolls hair and fighting boys on the playground and the next moment before your realize it your little girl is all grown up. Young girls get the facts about puberty from various sources like friends, teachers.

But when they get this rush of information, they should have someone to turn to for doubts and clarifications, someone who the girl can trust and it should be you, her mom.
Do not wait for your daughter to start her periods before talking to her about it, its better to keep her prepared, just in case she’s at school or someplace outside when it happens.

Your daughter may start showing signs of puberty at the age of 12 or 13.There’ll be noticeable changes in her, starting with hair growth at her underarms and pubic area. Also her breasts will start developing. After about a year her breasts start developing, there’ll be a rapid growth, she’ll start growing taller and curvier. About 3 years after her breasts start developing she may get her first periods.

Its best to keep giving her information about growing up and the changes her body will go through as she grows up. Answer all the questions honestly depending on how mature you child is. The kids reaching puberty should know what all changes their body will go through before it happens to them.

The child should really learn these things from her mom, this develops a strong bond, wherein he knows she can trust her mom to answer questions in the future and the mother knows that she’s her daughter’s confidant.

Do not give a negative impression of this to your child. Also, it is necessary to explain to them that it’s ok if her body is developing faster or slower than her friend’s body, the hormone secretion doesn’t begin at the same time for all the girls. Familiarize her with feminine hygiene products.

Also, she’ll know that she will get pregnant if she becomes sexually active. Her periods may be irregular initially. But if your child does not get her periods by the time she’s 15 or 3 years after her first signs of puberty appear, then she may suffering from a condition called amenorrhea and you’ll need to take her to a doctor immediately.

Meera M.Das