Teaching Self Control in Kids

Children have a vulnerable behavior and are generally rebellious in nature.So, it’s very important to shape their behavior by inculcating self control in them. Self control can be explained as a restraint practice over ones’ emotions, desires or impulses.

Thus by helping kids develop self control in them, they develop resistance ability and so becomes easier for the kids to have a control over their desires and emotions and take correct decisions. They are able to handle and cope up the stressful situations more easily. This in return helps them later in their adulthood.

Kids have a very distracting behavior. Every new thing in the market or at their friend’s house attracts them and develops the need to buy them. In case of toddlers, their demand can be controlled by giving them some other toy or by engaging them in some other activity etc.

Parents must explain their kids that everything they see and wish for cannot be bought. Only things which are desired and needed as well as those which are as per their age group can be bought. This practice must be followed by parent’s right from the early years of childhood. Kids must be taught the importance of listening to others respectfully.

By doing so, kids slowly realize that their every wishful thinking will not be entertained.Also slowly,kids will develop the habit of analyzing the need for the product ,before demanding them to their parents or buying them and thus develop the self control.

However, if the kid’s starts behaving in a stubborn manner and starts showing tantrums, parents must not entertain such behavior and make the kids realize that such behavior is ineffective and unacceptable by them. If kids are not willing to understand the situation, in such cases they must be taught to control their temper first.

They must be taught the techniques to cool themselves.Kids should be given time out to handle and control their temper .This means leaving them alone either in their room or to some quiet corner and calming down. This helps to build resistance in them and responding to similar situations in a better way. This also helps them to realize about their good and bad behavior.

Parents must encourage and praise the kids who  handle and cope up with such situations. Kids must be taught they are responsible for their behavior and hence should try to develop good behavior in them. Parents must assure  and provide their kids with their continuous support in building self control.

Parents too should set examples for their kids and teach them few calming exercises like deep breathing etc.

Raka Raghuvanshi