Teen Pregnancy: Know the Possible Signs That a Teen is Pregnant

Teen pregnancy is quite a common phenomenon in the US. Many teens who have had unprotected sex end up getting pregnant. And most of the time, teen pregnancy is discovered quite late during the course of pregnancy. By the time a teen discovers that she is pregnant, she must have entered the later part of the first trimester. Be it pregnancy termination or continued pregnancy, late discovery of pregnancy does not help in either case.

Late pregnancy termination may pose health risks to pregnant teens. And even if she decides to continue with her pregnancy after lately discovering that she has conceived, she must have missed all those prenatal care which is required right from the day you become pregnant. And due to the absence of prenatal care for a long period you may not be able to enjoy a low risk pregnancy. This is why it is important for teens to know the possible signs of pregnancy if they have had unprotected sex.

The first possible sign of pregnancy in teens as well as in older women is a missed period. Occurrence of period after getting pregnant is very rare. As such, if your menstrual period has not arrived, it may be a pointer that you are pregnant. However, wait for some more time to confirm that you have a missed period. Menstrual period is quite irregular in teens.

Nausea and vomiting is another sign of early pregnancy. Again, you may be easily confused with this pregnancy sign with a regular stomach upset. Pregnancy nausea usually starts in the morning. Also known as morning sickness, it may last for more than few days. And unlike with regular stomach upsets, it is not accompanied by diarrhea. Also, if you develop aversion to particular odors in foods or drinks, it is likely that you have conceived.

Tenderness of breast is yet another sign that you may be pregnant. If tenderness of breast is followed by a missed period, there are high chances of you being pregnant. This is because breast tenderness happens not only during pregnancy but also the period preceding your menstrual period.

Other possible signs include unexplained fatigue, muscle cramps, lower backache, frequent urination, and may be light spotting.