Teen Pregnancy: The Positive Side Of It

Teen pregnancy is a major public health problem in US and about 82% of the total pregnancies are result of unplanned work. The negative aspects of teen pregnancy are no doubt numerous. In fact, there is a great amount of information which can be accessed on difficulties that tee mothers face during pregnancy and after.

One thing that is worth noting is the fact that the motherhood aspect of teen pregnancy is much more difficult than that of actual pregnancy. Age is definitely a constrain from the perspective of health and other conditions, there are a lot of positive things that are also has been ignored about teen pregnancy.

According to studies, age becomes only a rare issue when a teen becomes pregnant if regular prenatal care is taken. In fact, females that are older than 15 years have the same risks in pregnancy as that of a woman in age between 20 and 30.

For those who are less than 50 years of age may face problems in pregnancy because of poor health. As a matter of fact, females in various developing countries especially where there is high population to become pregnant in their teens and face little or almost no social repercussions.


Recovery after pregnancy is quite significantly aided during youth. According to studies, an 18 year old female is likely to recover faster than that of a 40 year old. Young women have lesser risk of pregnancy and they also receive fewer complications during pregnancy and birth.


Since younger people have more energy, it positively affects the mood of the female who is pregnant and makes pregnancy a positive experience for them. There is no doubt that pregnancy is difficult for all women but the high energy perspective can prove really beneficial for prenatal and postnatal to care.

Teen Mothers’ Potential

Various kings, industrial labels, poets and even one of the United States presidents have been born from a teen mother. There is a lot of advice and support which is available in US for teen pregnancy and teen mothers. The regular consultation from gynecologists and doctors, a positive environment and support from patients are indeed essential for teens that become pregnant acts an early age.

Pooja Gill