Teenage Pregnancy – A Concern

Teenage pregnancy is a major concern for parents. It has a huge psychological, emotional as well as physical impact on the girl. There are various reasons responsible for teenage pregnancy and hence it’s important for every parent to understand the reason and create awareness among their teenage girls to avoid such undo situations. 

In today’s fast track life, parents are busy in maintaining the balance act between their professional life and personal life .During this process, they sometime tend to ignore their kid’s life.

As a result they are unable to spend quality time with them and keep a track of the various activities in their kid’s life. Most of the time they are unavailable to handle their kid’s queries and provide them emotional support when required. So, due to lack of affectionate supervision of parents, these adolescent girls fall into the wrong trap and thus become the easy victims of teenage pregnancy.

Teenage is the period where all the girls and boys undergo majority of bodily as well as emotional changes. Opposite genders attract each other. There is a curiosity among them to know and experience about sex. As a result, their urge to experiment, makes the teenage girl pregnant. So, it’s important for every parent to teach their kids about self control and ill effects of teenage pregnancy.

Incomplete or inadequate knowledge about sex education also leads to teenage pregnancy. Therefore, it’s very important for parents as well as schools to educate and create awareness in detail about sex education especially to girl child.

Parents must develop an open communication with their teenage girls and impart them complete sex knowledge and thus save them from being victims of teenage pregnancy.

Parents must make their teenage girls aware about sexual abuse and its repercussions so that they do not fall into the trap and become easy prey of sexual abuse.

Teenage phase is a very delicate part of childhood. These teenagers undergo a lot of emotional changes .So; they need love, affection and care from their parents.

However, when their parents are unable to ponder them love, these teenagers become frustrated and try to seek affection from their friends of opposite gender. In addition to this, they do not have much self control over their physical needs and so this leads them to teenage pregnancy.Hence, its important for parents to spend time with their kids.

Teenage pregnancy affects the girl’s life in many ways. Its dangerous for the teenage girl as well as the baby.Therefore, it’s the duty and responsibility of every parent to prevent it from happening with their daughters by taking precautionary steps in advance.

Raka Raghuvanshi