Teenage Pregnancy Facts

The concept of teenage pregnancy is not new in USA. But there are some facts about teenage pregnancy which many people are unaware of. Latest statistics show that at least 30% of the US teenage girls have become pregnant before they have turned 20.

Needless to say, the highest rate of teenage pregnancies is recorded in this country. There are certain facts about teenage pregnancies which have been reached after years of careful research. A vast majority of teenage pregnancies involves women who are actually not married.

Some girls as young as 14 years are getting pregnant and the excuse offered by them is that it was not actually planned. It is strange to note that many of the teenage moms do not go on to complete their high school. The consequences of teenage pregnancy are many.

The children have a greater chance of being born prematurely, weaker and there is a high chance of poor performance in school. There are health risks to both the mother and the child in case of teenage pregnancies. The teenagers do not receive the much needed prenatal care and there is a high risk of pregnancy related high blood pressure problems and its related complications.

Apart from premature birth, there is a risk of low birth weight too. A pregnant teenage must take good care of herself for her benefit and for the good of the unborn child. If you are a teenage mom-to-be then you must take your prenatal vitamins regularly to prevent birth defects. Smoking, alcohol and drugs are a strict no-no.

You must use a condom while having sex during this period to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. The rate of sexual activity among the US teenagers is similar to other countries of the world especially UK, Canada and France. But the problem lies in the fact that a majority of teens do not use contraceptives. This can be due to limited access to healthcare and contraceptives.

But this argument is generally being debated. Though many agree that adolescents must have access to quality health care, the reality is very different. 20% of the teens do not have any kind of health insurance. This is a major factor behind the rising cases of teenage pregnancies in USA. Proper corrective measures should be taken for the benefit of the teenagers and the society as a whole.