Teenagers Anger Management

Teenage is a transition stage from childhood to adulthood and is the most difficult time to manage the kids. It’s a time when kids shout back to their parents and most of the conversations between the child and the parent may end up in door slamming or stamping out.

Anger is a normal emotional feeling but at times it leads to uncomfortable behaviors and there are lots of teens who have problem in controlling their anger. It is the parent’s job to teach the kid to manage their anger and help them to grow up as a responsible individual.

When ever the teen gets angry try to appreciate their feelings. A teen in an angry stage is just normal and there is nothing wrong in it. Hence allow the teen to express his feelings and remain calm which itself will set a good role for him to follow.

Encourage him or her to speak out their feelings and this may help them to relieve their anger. It also creates a positive impression in them that they are being heard and helps them to express their anger in a more controlled manner during the next time.

While allowing the teen to express their anger, the parents should make them aware of their limits or ways to express their anger. As a parent it’s your duty to listen to the emotional breakups of your child and try to sort it out. Help them to identify the real cause of their frustration, anger, sadness, guilt, annoyance, worthlessness and this self awareness aids in developing self control.

Teach them to take a short walk or counting which change the mood and helps to relax. Slowly it becomes a habit and they will control themselves. Take the teen to another area to distract their anger and then talk to them and this helps them to hear what you are saying and understand the matter in a better manner. Above all kids learn and handle things in the same manner in which similar problems are handled in their families. Hence be a good role model for your kids and handle the problems smoothly.