Teething Problems in Babies

When your baby is born you start learning so much about them. You see the various changes taking place in them and also start noticing their growth patterns. You start compaing notes with your friends and wonder when the same thing is going to happen to your baby. All of the babies growth developments are new to you and you will sometimes wonder what you need to do.

One of the important things to learn and read about is the teething pattern and problems in children. The teeth start sprouting by the time the child is six months but you will find a distinct change in the pattern of behaviour in your child. Teething is very painful as the teeth are tearing the gums to come out. You will see that the gums will ge swollen and red. Children often cry a lot while teething and constantly try to bite their hands. It is important to soothe their pain and make them more comfortable.

Lots of tethers are available and you must freeze it and give it to your child while it is cold. He will suck and bite it and the cooling effect will numb a bit of the pain. Make sure you clean them well and get at least three to four pacifiers for the child. Take care to see that there are no holes in it.

You will slowly be able to see a bit of the tooth coming out and yes you will be quite excited; but mind you this is going to hurt you in the breast feeding process. When the child begins teething he may start to get diarrhoea and get very irritable. You can ask the doctor for something to apply on the infants gums as a massage to ease some of the pain.

The tooth that firsts sprouts will be the middle one on the lower jaw. If in case the child is sprouting teeth on the upper jaw rather than the lower one then you need to consult the doctor as this is not the normal process. Remember each tooth that sprouts brings with it pain and discomfort so be patient and care for the baby gently. This too shall pass.