Temper Tantrums in Babies

Your baby is barely a few months old and already displays a temper tantrum, which you find difficult to control. You are at your wit’s end and at times don’t know what causes this kind of a behavior. This article gives you tips to handle temper tantrums in your baby.

First of all you need to know that in most cases there is generally nothing wrong with your child. A visit to the pediatrician will probably confirm this. You infant is growing and is developing a sense of who they are and what they want.At times when they feel their needs and demands are not being satisfied they show their displeasure by throwing a temper tantrum.

As a parent you need to develop certain skills, like persistence, consistency and patience in handling such temper tantrums. If you give in each time your child displays such a behavior it will reinforce that kind of a behavior and encourage more temper tantrums in the future.

Try to remain calm in these kinds of situations loosing your temper, spanking or yelling at the child only heightens this kind a behavior, as your child gets angrier. Try one of the following methods after you have collected yourself together.

Try to distract the child and remove his attention from the object that caused that kind of frustration. Ignore him if that does not help. If this does not calm the child down then try to remove the child from the family unit, take him outside if possible. Most of the time this action does the trick and isolation do help to soothe your child. Finally do hold your child. This is important as it prevents the child from hurting himself and hurting others.

Remember it is useless to talk things out at this stage. They are beyond reason during this phase of development and do not have the requisite listening skills, you are just going to waste your energy. You can only try to communicate with your child after he has calmed down.

This kind of behavior usually decreases in frequency by age three and most certainly by age four. In the mean time you as a parent would be able to assess the situations which trigger them. It would be better to avoid these situations. However the best weapon to tackle temper tantrum is patience on your part.