Temper Tantrums

Children have a weak communication skill. As a result, they are not able to communicate their feelings, emotions, needs and demands.So, the easiest option to show their frustration and anger is to throw temper tantrums to their parents to get their wished fulfilled.

Besides this, kids are always on the look to gain love and attention from their parents and so in order to attract them, they also throw tantrums.Thus, temper tantrum is one of the kid’s way of expressing frustration and anger to their parents.

So, its essential for parents to tackle these situations carefully and patiently such that it does not develop it into a habbit.The basic objective of parents should be teach the kids acceptable way of expressing their anger or desires.  Children have no idea about correct way or incorrect way of doing things. They adopt the easiest method, which helps them to fulfill their desires.

So, when kids throw temper tantrums, parents should first try asking their kids to calm themselves and should then listen to their query. By doing so, slowly kids understand that their unnecessary way of throwing tantrums do not help them and rather a peaceful approach of expression is only attended and appreciated .

However, while doing so, when kids calm out, parents should always attend to their kids query and solve their query.  Ignorance is also one of the fine ways of handling kid’s temper tantrums. During this period, parents must leave their kids all alone in a room, keeping in mind their safety aspect. By doing so, kids realize the fact that such behavior is unacceptable by their parents.

When kids throw their temper tantrums, it’s very important for parents to stay calm, cool even if their behavior is out of control. Parents should neither punish them, nor promise to reward them then. Punishing them, makes the situation even worse and rewarding them makes them manipulative .

In addition to this, by doing these things, kids become resistant and continue to follow it even in their adulthood, which later becomes very difficult to handle.So,the best strategy is parents should ignore their behavior to the maximum extent .

Developing a strong communication bond with kids is very essential. So, when things settle down, parents must communicate with their kids about their unacceptable behavior. Parents must explain their kids that temper tantrum is a wrong way of expression and instead show them the correct way of expression.

As it is said, prevention is better than cure.So, parents must follow below strategies to avoid temper tantrums-

  • Make sure kids are fed on timely, has enough sleep and play time.
  • Parents must give attention and ponder their unconditional love to them
  • Parents must praise their kids for good efforts, behavior
  • Temper tantrums are common in toddlers .So, parents should try to distract them
  • In case of tantrums due to unfamiliar place, parents must keep their kids informed and updated regarding the same

Warning –

Temper tantrums are part of childhood behavior and slowly fade of as the child matures.However, incase these tantrums increases or continues even after 4-5 yrs of age, or if the child becomes violent and destructive, and harms him or herself or others, then doctors must be consulted.

Raka Raghuvanshi