Ten Smart Tips To Prepare Child For Success

Parents should strike a balance for different activities of the children by setting limits within the framework of some freedom. They should be involved without being forceful, should be judgmental based on actual facts and not prejudices.

One should encourage the child to excel but at the same time, do not expect perfection in everything.

10 Tips To Prepare Child For Success

Develop a Routine

Structured lifestyle helps to manage a lot many things within a day. It reduces the unnecessary pressure that builds up with random routine.

 Tips To Prepare Child For Success

Thus, the child is able to complete task easily and have time to ponder, express and react properly in every situation.

Begin with a Happy Morning

A bad morning has an impact on entire day performance. Prepare for the day well in advance by helping the child to accomplish school going needs before the bedtime itself.

Tips To Prepare Child For Success

Backup with all essentials ready develop self confidence in the child. Morning tasks should move smoothly rather than rushing around. Punctuality is the virtue of well planned, successful people.

Teach Them to be Organized

From young age, teach child to organize his/her things whether it is toys, books, clothes. They should develop a habit of keeping things at right place, in right manner. At time of need, things could be easily located from the respective shelves or cupboards without wastage of time, energy and efforts.

Arrange a Quiet Place for Studying

A regular time with undisturbed place for self studying and homework task are vital for grasping of things and good concentration.

ten Tips To Prepare Child For Success

Self studying should be regular part of studying and parents could offer help in time of need with full attention, leaving aside rest of the works. This helps to develop focusing abilities and fast learning of things.

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Avoid all Distractions

During studying time, make it a routine that no family member gets involved in watching television, computer games, video games or any other disturbing activity. Limit watching television to maximum of 2 hours a day and that too when entire family sits together. Encourage more of outdoor activities for your child.

Sufficient Play Time or Free Time

Fun, enjoying, playful times are equally important to refresh up. Encourage your child to move out of the house and spend quality time with friends.

Child success tips

Encourage Intellectual Questioning

Involve your child in dinner table conversations by sharing your new learned interests, day’s happenings, current affairs filled with some lighter funny moments too. Parents could establish a walking routine at night and have dual side conversations.

Keep Regular Check on Child Performance

Ensure to have regular feedbacks from teachers, instructors regarding performance of the child. Also, befriend with friends of your child to know changing interests and focus of your child.

10 Tips To Prepare Child For Success

Focus on Efforts not Grades

Be confident in your child’s abilities and appreciate more for the good results rather than fussing about the low grade result. Give appreciation for good work whole heartedly and instead of blaming, give reassurance that the child is capable of doing much better.

Never Force Your Decisions

Give advice but do not pressurize your child to follow it when he/she is not willing to do so. A brilliant child under depression or anxiety will not be able to succeed in life and even an average child free from depression could easily taste success in his/her life.