The Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is not something which is entirely new. It has been practiced for years in different cultures worldwide. Massaging during pregnancy can give many benefits to the expectant mother. Pregnancy is also a time when she needs extra caring and warmth. The effects of massaging during pregnancy can be nurturing and caring.

Also known as prenatal massage, pregnancy massage is more of therapeutic bodywork that positively affects the emotional, structural, and physiological well being of the expectant mom and her unborn baby. It gives the pregnant woman a special emotional touch thereby making her more calm, relaxed, and peaceful. As such pregnancy massage contributes to healthy pregnancy. An expectant mom can receive this form of massage up to the time of delivery starting from the second trimester. Apart from inducing love and comfort, prenatal massage can also benefit the pregnant woman physiologically.

There are different types of pregnancy massage such as neuromuscular massage and deep tissue massage. A qualified practitioner will reveal you more types of prenatal massage and how they can be beneficial to you. There are also areas or points of body which cannot be massaged. Similarly, there are also specific areas which can maximize the benefits of massaging during pregnancy. The practitioner has a good knowledge about the anatomy of a pregnant woman and makes sure that the massaging is totally safe and beneficial.

Pregnancy massage apart from doing a world of good for the emotional well being of the expectant mom also has several other benefits. First, it helps to reduce insomnia. The woman has to cope with many hormonal and physiological changes which can cause sleep disorder. Massaging acts to reduce insomnia by giving her a relaxing effect. Again it lessens sciatic pain and also reduces swelling in feet and hands.

Also, massaging brings relief from spasms, headache, sinus congestion, joint pain, muscle cramps, and pain in the hips, neck, and lower back. It also improves blood circulation during pregnancy and labor. The same relaxing effect of massaging can be used to induce labor safely and in a more comfortable way. But don’t do it yourself, it is a job to be performed by trained and experience professionals.