The Benefits of Using a Birth Ball

Have ever come across a birth ball? Many are not even aware of such a ball. But you may have surely heard or have seen an exercise ball. A birth ball is much similar to an exercise ball and can give you immense benefit during pregnancy and childbirth. It is much more than an exercise ball considering the benefits it gives to a pregnant woman.

And the best part is that these balls may cost you few dollars. Moreover, these balls are easily available. You can look for it in any store selling sports goods or even at your local super market. The price may start at $10 but it is better to invest in a higher quality ball which may be little more expensive.

So, how does a birth ball actually help you? First of all, exercising on birth ball during pregnancy helps in keeping your baby in the correct position. Sitting on the ball with your feet touching the ground, you can achieve a correct posture. Moreover your pelvic muscles are relaxed when you sit on the ball. Achieving a correct posture helps in keeping the baby in an anterior position.

Birthing becomes more comfortable and speedy when the baby is in the right position. Thus using a birth ball during pregnancy eliminates the likelihood of back labor. A woman goes through back labor when the baby’s back faces her back. Back labor can be extremely painful and you may not like undergoing such ordeal.

The benefits of birth ball are not limited to its use during pregnancy to correctly position the baby. It also has a big role to play during childbirth. When you go into labor, you can sit on this ball and support your back against the bed. Sitting in this position helps in relaxing your pelvic muscles.

Much pain and discomfort are caused by contracted muscles. When the muscles down there are relaxed, the entire event of childbirth becomes easier. Moreover, a rocking motion is created sitting on the ball which helps in opening of the pelvis and this way you dilate quickly. As such, the benefits of a birth ball are many it is not a bad idea to invest in such a ball even if you don’t want to use it during childbirth.