The Benefits of Using a Breast Pump

Breast milk is no doubt the best milk for your baby. And until and unless there are unavoidable circumstances, you should not switch to formula milk. Nutritional benefits of breastfeeding apart, the antibacterial properties of breast milk work to strengthen the immune system of your baby. However, there may be times when you cannot breastfeed your baby or your baby cannot feed from your breasts.

At such times, many moms despite knowing the merits of breastfeeding tend to switch over to bottle feeding with formula milk. This is when and where the requirement of a breast pump comes into the picture. A breast pump is a device which is use to express milk directly from your breasts. The expressed milk can be stored and fed to your baby using a bottle or even a cup in case you cannot physically nurse your little one.

There are also other benefits of using breast pumps. First, moms with low breast milk supply can use a breast pump before as well as during breastfeeding sessions to stimulate milk production. Your milk supply will increase noticeably if you pump your breasts regularly. Also, breast pumps can be used to relieve engrossed breasts. While low supply causes persistent breastfeeding problem in some mom, ironically enough, some moms are hit by an oversupply of breast milk.

An engrossed breast may be a feeding ground for bacteria. If the milk is not expressed fully, milk stagnation may lead to mastitis or breast inflammation cause by bacterial infection. One may hand express milk. But using a pump can save time and requires less effort. Again, you can store pumped milk and let some or other person feed your baby when you are not at home. This works particularly well for working moms.

If you are convinced enough to buy a breast pump, always look for pumps with adjustable suction control. Also, there are two types of breast pumps – manual and electric. The cost may vary from $30 to $1000 depending on the type, make, quality, and functionalities offered. Breast pump rental is also available for as low as $3 per day. If your requirement is short-term, you can rent one.

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