The Benefits of Water Birth

You must have heard water birth, a process in which an expecting mom gives birth inside the water rather than in a conventional labor room. The benefits of water birth are many and both the mother as well as the baby gets these benefits. The water should be warm and its temperature should be maintained at around 37 º C. The expecting mother gets into a position in the water and the baby gets delivered inside the water.

Even though the baby comes out of the womb inside the water, it does not get drowned since it is still connected with the mother through the umbilical cord. Oxygen is supplied to the baby through this cord, which is cut off when the baby comes out from the water. The duration of the baby remaining inside the water is also too short to cause any potential harm.

Now let’s examine how delivery inside the water can be helpful for the baby. When the baby comes out from the mother’s womb, he or she is suddenly exposed to an environment very different from that of the mother’s womb. The glaring light and the room temperature make for a different world for the baby.

According to experts, such a contrasting environment makes the baby stressful. Probably the baby may have gone through traumatic times when it comes out from the womb. In contrast, water birth can give the baby an environment comparatively similar to that of the mother’s womb which is warm and dark. The warm water environment is more comfortable for the baby and can give him or her lesser stress.

Water birth is also beneficial for the expecting mom. She feels more relaxed inside the warm water thereby giving more space for her baby to come through. Many women who have a psychological fear of labor pain may opt for this method of delivery.

As you enter the water, you can adopt of position comfortable to you such as on the side position, on the knees position, or the supine position. The warm water acts to stabilize your blood pressure and also relaxes the muscles of your perinea. It also reduces the nervous impulses making you more calm and relax thereby inducing an environment ideal for delivery.