The Causes of Breast Pains During Nursing

Many moms complain of breast pains during breastfeeding. In the weeks following childbirth, breastfeeding pains can be a result of let down reflux. Such pains are short-lived and sporadic and may go unnoticed.

The new mom is also so much mentally occupied with afterpains – pains caused by contraction of the uterus to its original size – that she is not aware of these breast pains.

However, with time when things settle down, she begins to realize the pains. Breast pain during nursing is not a serious problem though; sometimes it may subside with time as you become established a as breastfeeding mom. Nevertheless let’s find out some of the possible causes of breast pains during breastfeeding.

If you are overproducing milk, this can cause sudden sharp and deep pains post breastfeeding. Oversupply of breast milk is quite common in early days of breastfeeding. With time, the production become normal as your body comes to realize how much your baby requires.

Another cause of breast pain is breast engorgement. Engorgement leads to dilation of your breasts milk producing cells. This in turn makes letdown quite difficult thereby causing pain in the breasts.

Breast pains in breastfeeding moms also happen because of yeast entering the milk ducts. Such pains can be felt through a breastfeeding session and can even get severe post breastfeeding.

Mastitis is another reason for breastfeeding pains. This is a condition of inflamed breast caused by bacterial infection. Moms suffering from mastitis can have problem in breastfeeding other than being painful. Redness and soreness can also be seen in the inflamed area.

There are also other causes of breast pains during nursing such as incorrect usage of breast pumps. Sometimes a tight-fitting bra can be a reason for breast pain. When the side seams and the cups compress the breasts, it can lead to breast pains. Again breastfeeding pain can be a result of improper breastfeeding positions.

A correct breastfeeding should support proper latching. Incorrect positions can also lead to back pains. Use a breastfeeding pillow to make yourself comfortable during breastfeeding. Lastly, it is also possible that breast pains during breastfeeding are actually premenstrual breast pains.