The Cry Baby

There are babies who never seem to give any trouble. They may cry a little bit when they are hungry and after taking their feed they then sleep or play quietly by themselves. You may not even be able to tell that there is a baby in the house. These are the placid type of babies. They will also rarely suffer from colic or stomach pain and the parents of such children can consider themselves fortunate.

But there are other babies who cry, especially the boy babies who are the first children, who are tense, will cry for no apparent reason, often have colic, are restless and irritable and find it tough to fall asleep; causing their inexperienced mothers endless anxiety. The more tense and anxious you become, the more difficult it becomes to manage the baby. You will find that nothing you do seems to calm the baby. The baby seems to sense the anxiety and tension of the mother and becomes tense and fretful himself. This fretful behaviour usually carries on from the second week of the baby’s life till about the age of three months.

Colic is an important reason that baby’s cry. It usually occurs from the age of two weeks to three months and usually disappears after three months. These babies are usually fine in the morning and start to get irritable towards the evening.

Colicky babies usually start crying just after or even during a feed. They may pass gas and their abdomen may look distended. If you feed them they seem to suck hungrily for a few seconds and then turn away and start yelling. Babies apparently cannot differentiate between hunger and colic and hope that the sucking will give them relief.

These babies are often made more comfortable by lifting them over the shoulder and burping them or making them lie on their stomach. If all this does not help the doctor will provide you with some drops. In spite of all the pain and distress the baby may go through because of colic it is good to know that it is harmless and will soon disappear.