The Difference Between a Baby Boy and Girl

Boys and girls differ in their behaviour pattern as well as their developmental abilities. However, even though their growth processes may differ, they can do a lot of the similar activities to improve their various skills.

It is seen that girls develop their speech pattern more quickly than boys. A girl child will have more of an attention span than that of a boy child. Girls can also hear better than boys. It is easier to calm and soothe the girl child.

Boys tend to be more irritable as compared to girls. They are more difficult to manage. They are more restless and cranky, and demand more attention and time. You will find that a girl child picks up skills like reading and writing a lot more quickly later on in life. This skill in boys is a lot slower. Boys are also more aggressive and they have more behavioural problems. Boys also start to walk much later compared to the girls.

The physical development in boys is slower as compared to girls and they reach puberty only by the age of fourteen. The physical changes in the boys are quicker and more pronounced after the age of fourteen. Girls begin to develop as young as the age of twelve. Girls have more social skills and exhibit more concern and feelings. Boys can be left alone to manage themselves.

Even though they are different in these aspects, you need not make a girl child do girl things and a boy child do the more rowdy activities. When they are young, they keep on learning. Treat them as a child rather than influence their gender in any way. It is absolutely alright for your male child to play with dolls and your girl child to play with cars.

Girls do not need to be given only dresses to wear. Allow your boy to cry without making him feel that it is only the girls who cry. Remember they are only little children and they have the same types of feelings and fears in spite of being of different sexes. Be gentle with either child.