The Early Sign Of Pregnancy Faced By Women’s

The sign and symptoms of pregnancy are very easy to recognize and are the same but it can vary in their intensity, frequency and duration. You will experience a variety of physical and emotional changes while you are pregnant.
Nevertheless, some earliest sign of pregnancy are obvious. Missed periods are considered to be the first and the most noticeable symptom that occur in the early stage. Only pregnancy test followed by a pelvic exam can make you sure whether you are pregnant or not.

Tender, swollen or sometimes even sore breasts are the early signs when you are pregnant. When you conceive your body begins preparing your breast to for producing milk for baby and this change causes breast tenderness and swelling. You may also notice that sometimes your nipple also darken in color.

In the early stage you may also feel a little fatigue and exhausted resulting that, you may start going to bed early. This also happens due to hormone change in your body during pregnancy. Sometimes even swelling of uterus can put your bladder in pressure resulting in frequent urination. This symptom of pregnancy remains throughout the period of 9 months till your baby is born.

The symptom of nausea and vomiting is a common problem which comes as soon as you are a week into pregnancy. Some women feel nausea early in the morning. This symptom is also known as morning sickness. But this problem slowly tends to level off as your body adjusts to all the changes that come during pregnancy.

Dizziness or fainting is a surprising sign of pregnancy. This happens because as your uterus swells it compresses arteries in your legs and this drops your pressure which makes you feel dizzy. You might also feel carving for certain food which is a common symptom that most of the ladies face as the early sign of pregnancy.

Sometimes you might also face a heightened sensitivity to aromas. It may so happen that even your favorite perfume or your favorite oil may gag you. Heartburn, constipation, mood swing, higher body temperature and back pain are also some early common symptom that is faced by pregnant women.

geeta krishnan