The Elixir of Life: Health Benefits for New Mothers From Breast Feeding

All the wannabe mothers out there, who are trying their best for a grand welcome of their junior, eating nutritious food, decorating that cot, buying fancy items must know about one vital point, i.e., the very first food (and probably the healthiest!) that the baby should have for healthy growth. The very first food of the baby should be the breast milk (which is like an elixir for the newborn).Not only the breastfeeding provides numerous healthy benefits to a baby but it is also beneficial for a new mother in many ways.

Some of the key benefits of breastfeeding for the mothers are discussed for the benefit of the new and wannabe mothers:

  • Get back in shape: Breastfeeding helps you to lose all those extra flab gained during pregnancy. It is the best workout for a new mom to get back in shape. Research has shown that breastfeeding can help to reduce up to 450-520 calories a day. It is to be kept in mind that loosing more than a pound in a week is not healthy for you and your baby so do not go overboard.
  • Regain normal shape of the uterus: Generally after the childbirth, the uterus expands in size. Regular breastfeeding helps to release a hormone (oxytocin) which helps to shrink the size of the uterus to pre-pregnancy stage. These uterine contraction or shrinkages can also cause hemorrhage by slowing the bleeding process which is potentially dangerous.
  • Mental relaxation: Breast feeding also helps to relax a new mother. Research has shown that oxytocin have soothing effects on the mother. It also reduces the BP of a mother and improves sleep.
  • Decrease the risk of cancer: Research has shown that breastfeeding for the first 1-2 year can reduce the chance of having breast cancer and ovarian cancer by almost 60-70%.
  • Reduce the chance of bone disease: Chances of having disease like osteoporosis (which is more frequently seen in women) reduces considerably for a mother who breastfeed.
  • Help to maintain gap in fertility: Breast feeding helps to maintain a gap between child births and is an effective birth control tool.
  • So all those new mothers and wannabe mom dump those baby foods and give your child his greatest gift, i.e. a healthy life and a healthy mother. Consider breastfeeding to make your baby healthier and happier along with you!.

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