The Health Risks of Excessive Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful stage in a woman’s life. The idea of developing a new life within you is in itself beautiful and emotionally gratifying. However, these nine months of pregnancy can also give you so many hard times. As your body goes through so many changes hormonally as well as physically, you will experience so many uneasy symptoms.

These nine months is also a period in which you have to take extra care in order to avoid pregnancy complications. The physical and emotional well being of the mother-to-be is also directly related with the health of the baby still inside the womb. And one thing which can lead to pregnancy complications is excessive weight gain during pregnancy.

It is natural for weight gain during pregnancy. As the baby inside undergo the process of growth and development, the pregnant woman’s belly also increases in size. This increase is most evident in the last trimester. As a result of this, she gains an extra 25-35 pounds. But weight gain beyond this upper limit can be detrimental to the health of the baby as well as the expectant mother.

Weight gain during pregnancy is also explained by the fact that you eat more during this period. Of course you are required to consume extra calorie to feed the baby inside the womb. But you also tend to over eat. Sometimes the wrong choice of food also leads to overweight and worst still, obesity during pregnancy.

The effects of obesity during pregnancy are harmful not only for expectant mom but also for the new life beginning to take form. In this context, it is quite useful for you to know the risks being overweight during pregnancy.

One of the most common effects of obesity on pregnancy is birth defects. Premature births, stillbirths have been associated with overweight women. The baby can also suffer from brain and spinal defects. Excessive weight gain can also lead to high blood pressure, which is detrimental for both the hopeful mom and the unborn baby. Delivery complications are also encountered with overweight and obese women.

Another health issues experienced by overweight pregnant women is gestational diabetes. So, be careful to watch over your weight while you are pregnant to avoid these complications.