The Impact Of Family Relationships On Children

Family relationships are very important and it has great impact on the growing children. It is important that children grow up in loving and supportive family environment. Difficulties in family relationships do happen like arguing, physical abuse and this can result in separation.

The children get affected because of this experience and they often feel upset and worried. The children find it difficult to cope up with such situations and it affects them very badly. The child needs the support of the family and the friends during separation of parents.

The child feels angry with the parents and the parents must feel guilty as they are responsible for the situation. The children might get worried about the future and they often feel lonely and unsafe when they shift from one home to the other. This type of situation often makes children feel that they are rejected by the family.

The parents must open all line of communication with the children so that they will be able to express their feeling and make suggestions. The parents also must explain to the child about the situation they are in and allow the child to ask questions. Parents often ignore their children as they feel that they are too young to know what is happening in the family.

But the children are very sharp and they will be able to judge any issue that is happening around them. They sense things when it not right and understand exactly that is happening in the family. It creates a worry and confusion in the child’s mind and if they do not have anyone to share their feeling they get depressed. The children tend to talk to their friends or teacher and express their feelings about the family situation and get support from them.

The children carry on with their activities once they share their feelings with others and tend to become normal. They engage in activities that help them not to think about the issues in the family. Children have very short memory and they tend to forget and forgive the people involved that made them upset. Spending time with the family is important for the child as it reassures the support of parents to them and helps them grow in a better atmosphere.