The Importance of Fertility Massage

If it is getting difficult for you to get pregnant, you should always consult your physician for advice. Development has taken place in various fields of science including the field of reproduction. A high protein diet, vitamins and certain herbs have helped in improving the chances of couples in getting pregnant. Then there are fertility treatments such as assisted reproductive technologies (ART). These are all drug-free fertility treatments and are considered healthy. Another such treatment is fertility massage.

Due to stress certain muscles of the reproductive organs may be entwined. The fertility massage may help in entangling this muscle. Fertility massage is applied in the abdomen and the pelvic region as most of the problem occurs in these areas. During the massage the pressure is applied to these regions. According to various studies this method has been found to be very helpful. The Wurn Technique and Reflexology are some of the methods involving massaging the body to treat infertility. These methods help in invigorating natural hormones which help in increasing the blood flow to the reproductive organs.

One of the causes of infertility in women is the blockage of the fallopian tube due to the adhesions in the pelvic region. The Wurn Technique helps in breaking down the adhesions and the blockage in the fallopian tube. During intercourse the woman may feel uncomfortable or pain the Wurn Technique will help in reducing the pain and make her more comfortable.

In Reflexology, the hands and feet are the place where the massage is applied as they correspond to other parts of the body that causes infertility. It is applied with the idea that the hands and the feet are somehow linked to the internal organs, so by treating them it is believed that the corresponding organs are also treated. It seems to be an effective treatment for infertility but there are skeptics so still research is going on for this treatment.

Acupuncture is another method that has also been helpful but the reason behind its effectiveness is not fully understood. Patients and couples should seek advice from a fertility specialist for more information regarding the techniques.