The Importance of Meditation in Countering Pregnancy Blues

Pregnancy is in fact characterized by mixed feelings. What can be more exciting and gratifying than the thought of becoming a mother even if it is becoming pregnant for the second or third time? The thought of your baby developing inside you can be an exciting experience which only you can describe. The feeling of warmth and excitement when you feel the baby moving inside you is incomparable.

Though an emotionally pleasing and satisfying experience, pregnancy can also bring along with handful of problems. The joy of becoming pregnant can easily be overwhelmed by stress, fear, and anxiety. Many problems may affect you during pregnancy due to several physical and hormonal changes brought about by pregnancy. Again due to these hormonal changes you may suffer from mood swings during pregnancy. All these factors are enough to cause you stress during pregnancy.

Stress level up to a certain extent can be tolerated during pregnancy. However, a high level of stress can caused unwanted problems. The effects of stress on pregnancy have been well documented. Stress may lead to high blood pressure, low birth weight, preterm delivery, and sometimes miscarriage.

Hence stress may come in the way of you enjoying a low risk and healthy pregnancy and childbirth. As such, you need to know certain strategies to keep off pregnancy blues and remain stress free in order to enjoy a healthy pregnancy. These strategies have been proven productive in arresting stress hormones and give you relaxation.

The most effective way of countering stress during pregnancy is meditation. Meditation is a powerful technique which can cut off the stress chemical and switch on relaxation in you. Focusing on certain breathing techniques, meditation calms down your mind and body and ushers in a good hormonal balance inside you.

It is keeps your bodily functions at their optimum state making your body perfect for the healthy development of the baby. You can attain meditation classes before learning the technique and doing it on your own.

Another way to reduce stress during pregnancy is to exercise. You need not join a fitness center to exercise. If you have a swimming pool, you make good use of it. Swimming does not require any strenuous effort but gives you immense benefits. Again a morning walk in your local park will do enough to arrest stress chemicals.