The Importance of Post Natal Check Ups

We take a lot of care during pregnancy, and once the baby is born all the time and energy is directed towards the baby. You often neglect yourself. When you get discharged from the hospital, the doctor will examine you thoroughly, and you will be called for a visit about five weeks after your delivery. If you have had a cesarean, the doctor will call you earlier to check your stitches.

When you do go for your visit, it is very important to take the baby with you ,as the doctor checks the baby as well. This will be among the last visits to your gynaecologists for this delivery.

The doctor would need to check your weight and advise you on any extra weight gained after the delivery. She would examine your breasts and nipples and see how you are feeding the baby. She would need to do an internal examination and determine the size of the uterus and whether it has gone into position and size. She would also need to examine the vaginal muscles. By this period, your uterus should have gone back to its original shape and size.

In case you have had an episiotmoy, these stitches would also need to be examined. They are normally not cut, since they dissolve on their own.

You will need to inform the doctor if the area is still sore. If you have had a cesarean the doctor would check on the scar as well. Your doctor would also advise you on having sexual intercourse and would also guide you on the king of contraception you can use. At this visit, you could ask her to fit a cap or an IUD as an internal contraceptive remedy. You will also be advised on any additional calcium supplements that you will need to take.

Inform the doctor if you experience any kind of abdominal cramps.Your blood pressure and heart rate would also be cheked. After examining you, the doctor will examine your baby and compare its weight with what it was at birth. After this, you may need to visit her if there are any persisting problems.