The Interrelation between IVF and Multiple Births

In vitro fertilization or simply IVF is one of the most advanced infertility treatments. It involves fertilization outside of the womb in a lab environment. It is also one of the last resorts for desperate couples seeking to become parents – if adoption is not an option. Additionally, IVF is one of the costliest infertility treatments.

The cost can easily run into thousands of dollars. Although many women have been successfully blessed with babies after IVF treatment, one of the major concerns of this infertility treatment is the fear of multiple births. This is a case when a woman gives birth to more than one baby. Many who are treated this way have given birth to twins, triplets, or even more.

Ever since IVF was introduced in the 1980s, many cases of multiple births have been registered. A study has revealed that about 45 percent of babies born of IVF are multiple birth babies. This is quite a high number and the fear of multiple births among IVF seekers is warranted. Raising multiple babies can be economically challenging apart from being physically and mentally exhausting.

Let’s now try to find out the interrelation between IVF and multiple births. You already know that IVF involves fertilization a lab environment. Specially treated sperms are used to fertilize the eggs in such a laboratory environment and multiples embryos are formed this way. The resulting embryos are graded and the embryos which are likely to survive are then transferred and planted onto the uterus of the woman.

Planting a single embryo lessens the chances of achieving successful pregnancy. This is why to increase the chances of success, multiple embryos are planted. And when two or more embryos survive, it results in multiple births. The irony is that a woman who has been struggling all these years is now blessed with multiple babies. Whether IVF results in multiple births or not is another thing. It is always a good idea to become a mother than remain childless.

Medical experts are also trying to find out ways to reduce multiple births associated with IVF. Efforts are on to formulate new and better methods to determine the best quality embryos so that cases of multiples births are reduced.