The Last Month of Pregnancy

By the time you enter the ninth month you will start to get very anxious and will be waiting to deliver your baby quickly. You will have already put on most of your weight and now all you have to do is wait.

Even though you know your due date there is a possibility of you delivering a bit earlier so you should be prepared for that.

Your visits to the gynaecologist will start to get more frequent during the ninth month. This is because she will need to see the position of the baby and will be able to tell you if you will have a normal or a C section.

If the baby’s legs are facing downwards then the doctor will advice you certain exercises that will help turn the baby around. In most cases this happens automatically.

Once the baby’s head is down she will wait for the head to get engaged. When the head gets engaged; it is a sure sign of a normal delivery and it also means you would deliver in a few days.

You will experience a lot of discomfort in the ninth month especially while sleeping and even breathing. Since your belly is so large you will be unable to sleep on your back and you will have a lot of lower back pain.

Since the baby is now fully grown it will be pressing on your rib cage making it difficult for you to take deep breadths. This is why you need to go to ante natal classes where you are taught how to breathe correctly while you are going through your delivery.

Avoid travelling long distances so that in case you get into labour you can reach the hospital in time. Your bags should be packed and you should finish all your last minute shopping for yourself and the baby.

Make sure that you have informed your gynaecologist about who you want in the delivery room and also if you have any preference of a paediatrician. By the time you are half way through the ninth month ask your husband to avoid travelling as well so that you both can experience this beautiful moment together.