The Menstrual Cycle After Delivery

While you will not menstruate right through the duration of your delivery, you will have a rather long spell of bleeding once you have just delivered. Once you have stopped bleeding, do not expect to have a menstrual cycle for some time. You may have your first menstrual cycle two, four or even seven months after you have delivered. It can sometimes take even up to one year. This is normal. Do not panic.

Your first period will be on the heavier side since you are having it after long. From the next cycle thereon, it will start to normalise, both  in intervals and also in the amount you bleed. You may, however have one period, and then not have another for another two months. It will all take a while to fall into place. The hormones will take time to settle in and make thing regular like they were earlier.

You must be careful. Do not take for granted that your period will take long. Although it is likely that you will not get pregnant when you feed the baby, it is not fool proof. If you are not getting your period and you think there is a chance of getting pregnant, run a home pregnancy test and make sure you have negated all possibility.

When you get your period, you must remember that the breasts will not be as heavy, and you will be producing less milk. Do not rush to the doctor about this, as they will only put the baby on top feeds. Instead, make sure that you have plenty of fluids when you get your period. You must be specially careful to make sure that you drink some buttermilk, coconut water, juice or even water before you feed the baby. This will help increase the flow of milk and give the baby a better feed. You can get back to your normal course once your period has stopped.

You will also find that you can get a little more tired once you have got your period. Be patient and keep at feeding, even if it takes longer and is draining  you. If you eat well and rest when you have the chance, getting through your period will be easier.