The Need for Routine in Your Childs Life

Children are creatures of habit. With all uncertainties and frustrations your child faces each day as his world grows ever bigger, he needs a routine that will give him a sense of order and security. Moreover children do not understand the concept of time passing so they measure their lives by the order of events in it.

By working out a reasonable schedule for meals, playtime, naps, and other activities, you will not only be promoting his physical wellbeing, but providing him with the stability essential to good behavior. Regular routine also provides a framework to your child’s day.

The child with a regular routine will likely to be less cranky, and thus will be, a lot more cooperative than one whose days are disordered and unstructured.

Toddlers who attend a day care already have some kind of routine. You just need to create a morning routine for him from the time he gets up. This morning routine could be kept a little simple but the night routine must be catered to fit your families need and daily schedule.

Routine begins for the first day of life. Routine affects the relation between the parent and the child. It also helps in setting for the rocky or smooth sailing as your child gets older. Routine helps your children in having regular sleep and proper meal. A proper routine helps your child to know what is going to happen and allows him to think more freely and boldly.

Once you have established a daily routine for your young one, follow it consistently.

This does not mean that you should adhere to it as though it were an inflexible timetable. You should also keep in mind that no child likes being yanked from one activity to another. You may wish to prolong the game or task that has engaged your child’s attention before having him move on to something else.

You can always get him used to the idea with a five-minutes warning. A well thought out routine will keep your child on an even keel and the kind of clear, that will let him know where he stands and what is expected from him. This will also help in avoiding unnecessary confrontation.

geeta krishnan