The Possibility of Getting Pregnant During Menopause

It is quite rare but is possible. Yes we are talking about pregnancy during menopause. It is indeed possible for a woman who has just entered her menopausal period or who is in her early menopausal years can become pregnant. At the onset of menopause a woman still experiences ovulation. Her menstrual periods may have become irregular and unpredictable.

The menstrual cycle is much longer around this time. But this does not mean that her menstrual cycle has ended. As such, one cannot totally rule out the possibility of getting pregnant as she is still experiencing ovulation. This means that getting conceived during menopause is quite possible although such a phenomenon is not so common. But the same is not true for women who have long crossed their menopausal years.

Pregnancy during menopause is greeted with mixed reactions. For most women it is quite unwelcomed. For few others it may be a pleasant surprise. These women feel they can revisit motherhood all over again. But for many women, the most likely action is termination of pregnancy. They choose to pregnancy termination for many reasons.

First of all, they feel that they have had enough and had already closed the chapter. Any addition is therefore unwelcomed. Secondly, they feel they are too old to bring up a baby. Now that they a complete family and sailing smoothly they do not want to take up the burden of bringing up a baby once again. However most women choose to terminate their pregnancy as they feel late pregnancy is not safe for them. Yes, they have a point here.

Late pregnancy can be more taxing and demanding on your body. Your body takes more effort to adjust to the changes which are brought about by pregnancy. Late pregnancy is not only unsafe for you but your unborn baby too.

Whatever is your decision, you and your partner should not have different opinions. Many couples play blame games and points fingers at each other. Discuss the matter openly and take a unanimous decision if possible. And if you have decided to go ahead with your pregnancy, you should extra care to ensure healthy pregnancy.