The Postpartum Check Up

If you have just had a baby then definitely you must be looking for some great postpartum tips to adjust with the physiological, emotional, psychological and physical changes of that of baby and yourself. She enumerates some of the factors that lead to baby blues. The apprehension about baby, lack of sleep, stresses from the labor and so on. The best solution to stay calm in such a situation is to stay calm and deal with the situation. Have a loving environment around yourself and a support system.

As for the fitness, a healthy mind and body is the key to have a joyful experience for you and for the baby. Around six weeks of delivery, visit a doctor to get a health check up done and know if everything is fine. This would give you detailed information about how well your body is recovering after pregnancy. A standard check up includes the BP checkup and weight checkup as well.

Blood test would let you know how much weight you have lost during pregnancy. Your breast and the abdomen needs to be checked so as to know if you have had abnormal discharge or lumps in breast. It is very necessary, especially for moms who are breast feeding their baby. As for the abdominal check, it is necessary to know if the uterus has gone back to its normal size.

In case you underwent episiotomy, then the perineum would be checked to look if its healing process is going well. An internal exam that would be conducted that ensures that the vaginal bruising, scratches or the cervical tears are on their way to easy recovery after the childbirth. Vaginal muscle tone and the ovaries would also be assessed.

Also after pregnancy, you would have questions about pregnancy and other issues that concern you so it would be a good time to talk it out and get a solution. Thing like when could you resume your sexual activity and use of contraceptives and all could be lingering in your mind so take an appointment to ensure that you get all your doubts cleared. After all, it is a lifetime responsibility for you so keep yourself healthy and happy.