The Pregnant Traveler

Once you get pregnant you will have advice pouring in from all relatives and friends. Each one will tell you the best way to deal with your pregnancy. But it is best to consult your doctor and take decisions accordingly. Lots of people may tell you that travelling is not advisable if you are pregnant.

Just because you are pregnant does not mean that you cannot travel. If you have a few complications your doctor may advice you to postpone travel plans;
but if everything is going well and you and your baby are healthy then it is absolutely safe to travel. There are only few months during your pregnancy that you must not travel.

If you do decide to plan a trip avoid doing so in the first trimester. The second month is the most dangerous month to travel. It is in this month that most miscarriages happen. Let your body get used to the various hormonal changes that are taking place before you decide to plan a holiday.

If all is well after the second month then go ahead and have a good time. By the time you complete your first trimester your feeling of nausea and morning sickness will also become less. You will be more comfortable with your body and with the baby in your womb.

Even though you are allowed to travel, it is best to avoid travelling by road; especially if the roads are bad. This can cause unnecessary complications in your pregnancy. Air travel is the best and safest way to travel. Go by car only if the distance is short and the road is not bumpy.

It is also not advisable to travel once you enter into the eighth month. At this time there is a possibility of your baby being born prematurely. Travelling by air during the eighth month can actually cause contractions and can make you begin labour.Your doctor too would advice you against taking a trip in the eighth and ninth month of your pregnancy.

Visit the gynecologist a few days before leaving for your holiday so that he/she can explain to you what needs to be done in case of a problem  Also ask her/him what medication and reports you should carry with you during your travel. So do go ahead and enjoy your holiday.