The Pregnant Womans Travel Checklist

Unless you have complications in your pregnancy you will definitely be allowed to travel once you have entered the third trimester. If you have no health issues you may even be allowed to travel as soon as you complete the second month of your pregnancy.If you are planning a trip, then start to make a list of what you will need to carry.

It is very important to carry all your medical reports. Never carry the original reports, instead carry their photo copies. Carry extra strips of all the medication that your doctor has asked you to take.

Never put your medication in your check in luggage if you are traveling by air, as there is always a chance of luggage getting lost or delayed flights.  Carry most of your medication in your hand luggage.

Your shoes are the next important thing if you are travelling. Since you are pregnant wear sneakers and carry an extra pair of flat comfortable sandals with you. Besides shoes you will need to decide on your clothes as well.

Since you are travelling, you must understand that your belly may get bigger during your trip. Try to buy two good maternity trousers and a few over size tops. Get a dress that fits well on top but flares outward from the waist.

Most pregnant women experience back pain; this is one of the the most common problems in pregnancy. Carry a small cushion or otherwise an inflatable pillow so that you can place it on your lower back to make your journey more comfortable. Some women often experience hot or cold flushes. This is more common in the last trimester. To deal with this problem carry a small shawl which will keep you warm.

Since you are going to be quite busy during your holiday, there are chances that you may forget to take your medication. Set alarms on your phone that will remind you of when and what medication you need to take.This way you are sure not to forget your daily dose.

During your holiday carry small snacks and a bottle of water in your bag as you will feel hungrier than normal because you are pregnant.

This way you are sure not to forget your daily dose.