The Problem Child

Motherhood is the most joyous time. It is when you see the fruits of your labour. All the agony gone through during your childbirth, and also the patience endured during pregnancy start to pay off. Motherhood can be trying if the baby is demanding, and causes lots of trouble. You must first understand why the baby is giving you trouble and what sort of trouble it is causing. You may find the baby refusing or being difficult while eating. You may also notice that the baby is throwing tantrums. It is common to find babies getting angry and aggressive.

Before you handle the problem, try and find out why the baby is acting the way it is. Many times, you will find that the baby is not the real problem, but someone else is.

Children often feel neglect and jealousy when they have a little sibling to compete with. They do not know how else to grab attention, and so they start to act difficult. Your child may be acting fussy while eating because he wants you to spend time with him, and hence refuse to eat on his own and wait till you come and feed him. You may also find that he is going and having a go at his sibling not because he dislikes her, but the attention that she is getting.

If you see your child throwing tantrums, it may also be for the same lack of attention. Maybe he just wants you to sit down and talk, and so behaves difficult when he wants something. Children sometimes do anything just to have their parent sit with them and talk.

If your child is aggressive and angry, you should, among other things look at the way you treat you child, and also take a look at the environment at home. Children learn a lot from what they see. If you are rough with your child, he is bound to pick the same up from you. He will also get more angry when there is tension and fighting at home. If your child is complaining, investigate before you call him a tale tattle. There is a lot of truth in what children sya, and they rarely lie unless they are taught how.