The Right Toothbrush For Your Baby

Teething problems are very common once your child reaches six months of age. You will see that the child experiences lots of discomfort. There will be lots of changes in behaviour and mood swings during the sprouting of teeth. You will slowly begin to see the gums redden and swell first. This is followed by the erupting of the teeth. You will notice the white portion of the tooth coming up through the gums.

When the teeth start to emerge, you must be careful to take appropriate care of them. Your child will still be nursing, and feed through the night. The teeth will get affected if they are not cleaned properly. Most parents feel that since these are only milk teeth which will eventually fall, they neglect them. If you however, do not care for them, the gums can also get affected and damaged permanently.

Once you see the teeth erupt, buy a finger toothbrush. The finger toothbrush is smaller than the index finger of an adult. It is usually made of plastic, and is easy to use and maintain. It is specially designed for this purpose. This will slip onto the mother’s finger. You can put a little glycerin onto the tip of the brush and gently massage the baby’s gums. This will also soothe the pain.

It is too early to use toothpaste on the brush. When using a finger toothbrush, you must make sure it is very well cleaned in warm water before and after every use. From this time onwards, you should make a morning and evening brushing routine so the child understands the importance of brushing, and makes it a routine as it grows.

A regular children’s toothbrush can be used as the child grows a little older. This toothbrush is smaller than th adult toothbrush, and has smaller, softer bristles so that they are gentler on the child’s teeth. It can also reach deeper into the child’s mouth and reach the back teeth. It is important that you make the child brush it’s teeth rather than have the child brush himself alone. allow the child to brush for a while, but finish it off by brushing the teeth yourself as well.