The Risks Associated with Teen Pregnancy

The number of teens in the US getting pregnant is quite high. Even though the teens may have reached an age ideal for healthy pregnancy, there are so many health risks associated with teen pregnancy. And these risks are mostly associated with unplanned teen pregnancy. The alarming fact is that about 85 percent of the teen pregnancies are unplanned. Now let’s discuss in detail the health risk of unplanned teen pregnancy.

First of all, in most cases of teen pregnancies, the pregnant teens receive delayed prenatal care. Worst still, a few of them do not receive any prenatal care. This is because as the pregnancy was unplanned or accidental, most of these teens are not aware that they have become pregnant. It is only when they grow suspicious that they buy a home pregnancy kit.

And as such, they become aware of their pregnancies quite late. And all these while, no prenatal care has been received. And even when she becomes aware of her pregnancy, for reasons such as fear, she would not announce her pregnancy. This further delays her from receiving prenatal care. Prenatal care includes adopting a pregnancy diet and supplying your body with essential supplements to make it ideal for the baby to grow and develop. There are also certain dos and don’ts which must be followed during pregnancy.

Lack of or untimely prenatal care may lead to pregnancy complications and low birth weight. Again a teen is still in her growing age. As such she requires additional supply of essential nutrients and minerals. This requirement increases when she becomes pregnant. So you can well imagine the fall out of delayed prenatal care in a pregnant teen.

Use of drugs and alcohol as well as smoking is another problem associated with the teens. These three things are strictly prohibited during pregnancy. It can lead to serious consequences such as miscarriage, stillbirth, and birth abnormalities. However being unaware of their pregnancies those teens who use drugs or smoke and drink may continue their habit. Delayed counseling may be helpful or enough damage may have been done when she decides to rectify her habits.

Nevertheless, a teen can enjoy low risk pregnancy if timely action is taken. Additionally, her emotional needs should also be taken care of.