The Second Pregnancy

If  you are pregnant for the second time; you are already an expert on the birth and delivery process. You will find that this delivery may be easier and less complicated.
Even if it is your second delivery you will need to get your pregnancy confirmed. Most women go to the same gynecologist and choose the same team of doctors. However if you were not happy the first time it is absolutely normal to go to a new doctor.

Since it is your second delivery your doctor will not call you every month like in your first delivery. You will have fewer questions the second time round. Make sure you carry all the reports of your previous delivery this time as well; especially for the first appointment.

It is not necessary that you will experience the same symptoms as you did in the first pregnancy. You may experience nausea which you may not have had earlier. Each pregnancy brings with it their own sets of problems and complications as well as joys.

The only benefit would be that you would not pay as much attention to when the baby starts kicking and how much you are growing. You will always be in a rush through your regular doctors appointment. You may be called once every one and a half months if all is going well. Inform your doctor if you want the same pediatrician this time as well.

You would have also kept all of your maternity clothes from the first pregnancy so you will not spend time and money getting anything new. Also all you need to start doing to prepare for your second child is to get out your old car seat, pram and cot and start getting them cleaned.

You already know that buying new clothes is an absolute waste especially in the first three months. So if you have kept your older child’s baby clothes start washing them and keeping them ready.

You can register yourself at the same hospital that you delivered or go to a new one in case you were not happy with the post delivery care.