The Second Six Months of Your Baby

Your baby will cram a great deal into these months. He will sit up unsupported, may crawl and even stand by his first birthday. It won’t be a steady progress, and not every child goes through each stage.

Don’t be surprised if your child never crawls, for examples: it won’t hinder his walking development. This is the age when he learns to explore every new things it in his mouth-so finger foods are ideal. From now until around two, make sure he never gets hold of anything sharp or toxic, or so small he could swallow it.

Exploring Boxes: Don’t be surprised if your baby finds the boxes, their toys arrive in just as fascinating as the toys. Check for and remove any staples.

Making noises: A wooden spoon and a saucepan make a perfect drum for your baby. He will love banging away and listening to the loud noise.

Sitting Up: Your baby will lean forward and splay her legs out wide and straight when she first learns to balance sitting up. Now she has both hands free to explore.

Crawling: Getting about on all fours is a great achievement. She may not use each leg in the same way; a lop-sided shuffle with one knee and the other foot is quite normal.

Pat-a-cake: Give your baby a small cube in each hand, and clap your hands together as he claps his.

Water play: Show your baby how water behaves and feels on their hands. Sieves and plastic jugs make good substitute for toy buckets.

Boxes and objects: Give your older baby a box and some empty cotton reels, and they will happily take them out one by one, and then put them back in again.

Introducing a ball: At seven months your baby may be fascinated to see rolling around but surprised when they accidentally make it move. By a year, they will be able to pick it up and throw.

Climbing stairs: As soon as your child shows interest in the stairs, for his own safety teach them how to go up and down all fours, facing into the stairs.

Pulling up and cruising: At ten months, your child may be able to co-ordinate his arms and legs well enough to pull himself up on furniture. The next stage is to start shuffling sideways holding on-known as cruising.

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