The Side Effects Of Birth Control Pills

It has been generally accepted by the medical community that medications come side effects or adverse reactions. And birth control pills are not exceptions to this phenomenon. The side effects of birth control pills are in fact an established fact.

In some women, the effects can be serious while in some, the unwanted effects gradually disappear with time. However in most women, the side effects are mild and are manifested so long as she continues taking the pills.

So why these side effects occurs? Is it possible to stop these side effects? Well, contraceptive pills are nothing but hormones which interfere with the normal reproductive mechanism in a woman. These pills usually contain progestin and estrogen. Some pills have only progestin while most of the pills are in fact a combination of estrogen and progestin.

The estrogen in the pills works as a contraceptive agent by preventing the ovaries from releasing the eggs. And the progestin manipulates the cervical mucus in such a way that entry of sperms near the egg is made difficult. As such, the natural mechanism of the body is altered by these hormones and hence, side effects are inevitable.

There is no way you can prevent these side effects. But if body effortlessly adjust to the altered changes, the manifestation of these adverse reactions will be get diminished. So, the severity of the side effects all depends on how your body responds to the changes induced by these pills.

So what are the possible side effects of contraceptive pills? Some of the common side effects of birth control pills include headache, nausea, tenderness of breasts, mood swings, weight gain, and acne. These are not so serious although they can be quite problematic.

The severe side effects of birth control pills may include heart attacks, strokes, and blood clots. These negative reactions may be rare though. Some women also complain of reduced libido after they are off the pills. The severity of the side effects is also more in seasonal pills and more so with emergency contraceptive pills as the hormones contents are higher in these pills.

It is advisable that the side effects are monitored so that timely action can be taken if and when these get severe.