The Temperament of Your Toddler

Every human being is born with a different personality and varying character traits. Your toddler is no different. Although this is likely to continue way into the child’s life as it grows, there are slight changes your baby will undergo in character as well.

A lot is also determined by the environment and surroundings the child is exposed to. The overall personality of your child is the sum of all of these attributes.

It is important as a parent to be able to assess and work around your child’s temperament. For instance if your child is overly active and boisterous, you might find it difficult to go out and socialize too much, and you must be able to accept this truth.

You might not be able to understand the root of the problem. You might wonder if it is the character of your baby, or what you have done to merit the behavior. It is most probably a combination of both. Although the temperament is not possible to change or alter easily, you may find ways in which you can work around it. There lies the art of skillful parenting. You must be able to channelize your child’s energy productively.

Shyness is a very common character type in toddlers. While this can be a trait which is inborn, it can also be a fleeting phase for your child. If your child is shy by birth, she will go on to be a shy individual even as she grows. Do not push your child, or try and force them to mix with others.

Instead, accept them and gently encourage them to be more open. You may know your child is shy due to their reluctance to mix with others, being scared and reserved among strangers, or by being very clingy around others.

Prepare your child for new people before hand. Brief them on who they are going to meet, and prepare them before hand. Stay with them till they warm up. Do not rush in to help, but make sure you are around or reassurance. Do not be disappointed with your child. Try and keep your child around other children, as they may be more happy to mix with them. You can also try letting them play with slightly older children, as they will open up to them nicely.

When you are with your child at home, try and tell them what they should do when in the company of others. You can either teach them this in the form of a story or even role play.