The Third Trimester Of Pregnancy

The third trimester comprises of the last three months of your pregnancy period. Naturally you will be filled with excitement and hope and an eagerness for the baby to arrive.

Along with the joys of the final trimester, you will be plagued by some pregnancy ailments too.

Your cravings and hunger will reach at a peak around this time.You will also experience problems of heart burn. Eat small and frequent meals a day to take care of your craving troubles.

Sluggish intestines will hinder the normal digestion process and will leave you with constipation troubles. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to avoid this problem.

Your baby will have grown to such an extent that your bladder space is now very limited.This leads to the development of the tendency to frequently urinate.

You may also find yourself experiencing breathlessness when you climb the stairs. There is no need to panic as it is a common occurrence in the final trimester and will disappear after the delivery.

High levels of fatigue will also be experienced by women around the third trimester. You will also be subjected to backache and swelling of legs. The final three months will also see an upsurge in mood swings.You will also experience increased Braxton Hicks contractions

Listen to your body and take rest whenever you feel like.Your huge pregnancy tummy might not be allowing you to sleep comfortably.Try sleeping on your left side. You can use maternity pillows to support your back and abdomen as you sleep.

Your baby will be completely developed around this time and will be becoming healthy by gaining more weight. You will also find a decrease in the frequency of the movements of the baby as compared to the second trimester. This is because the baby has grown so big that there is less space for him to move around.There will be many tests conducted around the final months of pregnancy.

Around the 27th week, glucose tolerance tests will be conducted, to rule out the chance of gestational diabetes. A strep B swab test will also be performed around the 37th week.

Continue to have a healthy diet rich in fruits
and vegetables .Have your prenatal vitamins in time.Do not get overstressed and try to maintain a peaceful state of mind always. You can go for daily walks and also practice breathing exercises.