The Thrills of Sex During Pregnancy

A woman undergoes the greatest change during pregnancy. This is the time her body, mind and personality undergoes the most shifts. The new role that she is to take up, her new responsibilities, the demands her body is making on her, combined with the hormonal changes taking place within her body all contribute to new dimensions of her personality unfolding.

The desire to sex is an urge that still needs to be fulfilled, for both partners. For the male, he still feels the need for sex since his body undergoes no change. For the woman too, she needs to feel wanted, loved and needed. However, it is important to strike a balance and get it right.

A woman undergoes many hormonal changes which trigger different impulses and moods in her during this time. She may feel elated, needing sex sometimes, otherwise irritable, angry or even resentful. These are all guided by her hormonal changes, and also by other conditions including her morning sickness, sleep derivation or even fatigue. The man must be empathetic an respond to her moods favourably.

It is best to avoid having sex with a pregnant woman between the sixth and twelfth of pregnancy. This is the most crucial time, and the incidence of miscarriages is much higher. It is also better to avoid having sex in the last two weeks of pregnancy. Choose the correct positions while having sex. Make sure that there is as little pressure on the abdomen as possible. This could disturb the foetus and can also cause miscarriage, or even permanent damage to the baby.

The body of the woman is bound to undergo changes through the pregnancy. She is bound to lose her shape and gain weight around her stomach. It is common for men to be attracted to other women, and also to stray during this time. You must remember thought, that your wife is carrying a child which also belongs to you, and that she is making a great sacrifice. It is most unfair to betray her during this time.

A good way to channelise your energy is to involve yourself in the pregnancy as much as possible. Be around the wife as much as you can and talk about what she is going through. The hardships she has to go through will surprise you and also make you respect her more. Be a part of doctors appointments and the sonography sittings.

Most importantly, even if you may not be able to have sex with your wife for some time, remember she still needs your warmth and touch. Caressing and other forms of showing affection will go a long way in cementing your relationship.