The Top Symptoms Of Asthma In Children

Symptoms Of Asthma In ChildrenAsthma is a disorder caused by the inflammation of the airways causing breathing obstruction. Millions of children all over the world suffer from asthma. It is one of the biggest reasons of absence from school as well school dropouts.

It is very necessary to recognize the symptoms of asthma in children so that remedial actions can be taken in reducing the severity and length of the disease. In order to do this, it is very important to understand the symptoms of asthma in children.

Symptoms of Asthma in Children

During an asthma attack, the airways are constricted and the mucous secretion tends to increase. This makes breathing difficult. As a result, the person exerts greater force and breathes at a higher volume in order to take in air. The difficulties in breathing give rise to a wide variety of symptoms in children, which are as follows.


Wheezing occurs when the breathing becomes intensely laboured. The child starts to emit a whooshing sound. The breathing may become noisy and the child may also start to hyperventilate.


If the asthma has occurred due to an allergy, it usually starts with a racking cough that is typically seen early in the morning. It may also worsen at night just before the child retires for the day. The cough can get worse with the passage of time.

Pain in the chest

A racking cough can also lead to pain or tightness in the chest. The child usually feels as if something is squeezing his/her chest. The pain can be mild or acute.

Panic and Agitation

A child can get very overwhelmed by his/her symptoms and can start to agitate or develop panic especially when he/she finds it difficult to breathe. The child can also seem confused with his/her symptoms.


Chronic asthma can lead to fatigue in children followed by reduced appetite and general lethargy. The child may seem irritable and unable to perform simple tasks. School performance may also begin to get affected.

Interrupted Talking

The typical symptoms of asthma in children are interrupted taking especially when the child finds it difficult to breathe or starts to cough.

Extreme Symptoms

If the symptoms of an acute attack of asthma are not checked in time, then this can lead to breathing complications and may also prove to be fatal. The child’s lips may become blue due to oxygen deprivation. In such cases, prompt medical attention is the need of the hour.

Loss of Appetite

Chronic coughing and other asthmatic symptoms may also lead to a loss of appetite. This can manifest itself in acute weight loss. The child may appear to be very thin.
Not all children have the same symptoms but these are the symptoms to look out for.

It has been generally seen that children under the age of five suffer from an asthmatic attack primarily due to a viral infection like a cold or a flu, which tends to bring on an attack of asthma. However, take the child to the doctor immediately to get necessary treatment.

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