Things to Avoid During Pregnancy

When you are pregnant you have to take lot of precaution for the safety of your fetus. Here are some things which you should avoid during pregnancy. If you are a smoker, you need to avoid smoking strictly because it will cause deformity in your child. When your child will be born, her or his immune system will be very weak and will face growth and memory problems. Also avoid being around people who smoke. Secondhand smoking too harms your unborn baby a lot.

Apart from these affects, smoking may even cause sudden abortion or even death of your baby. Alcohol too falls in the same category. Your child can be mentally retarded as well as abnormal.Caffeine too is dangerous for your fetus because it increases the risk of miscarriage and even if the child is born, he or she may become the victim of diabetes. Therefore if you love your child, you must not consume caffeine during pregnancy.

Expectant mothers should strictly avoid dangerous adventurous like bungee-jumping or sky diving.Getting massage in wrong position must be avoided otherwise it may cause problems to your fetus. You must lie down in comfortable position only on the table specially designed for pregnant women.

Eating raw fish or uncooked meat should be avoided because they may contain harmful germs and bacteria for your fetus. You should also not eat fishes containing high amount of mercury such as Shark, swordfish, tuna etc. to prevent your unborn child from brain damage. Dying or coloring of hair needs to be avoided because your skin (scalp) absorbs some of the harmful chemicals from it. These harmful chemicals pass through your blood stream and reach your fetus.

You need to remain away from fresh paints because the chemicals and solvents present in many paints are very harmful for your unborn baby. Some bug sprays damage nervous system of your child, so avoid it. You should avoid use of electric blankets, micro-ovens, water beds etc. because radiations or electro magnetic fields produced from these are very harmful for your fetus. Even sauna should not be taken because increased temperature may be dangerous for your fetus and even lead to miscarriage.

There are some drugs too which need to be avoided during pregnancy. If you are going to take any medicine, make sure that your doctor has approved it.

During Pregnancy

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